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I haven't updated in a while.  O well.

I really have nothing to say either.  That or I just have no motivation.  I can't decide yet.

*has happy*

Oh, tonight was splendid. ^-^

For the first time in like, ever, I finally got totally included in something.  I did the little two-finger star thing with other people for the first time ever.  At school everyone's like "No, we already have enough."  I feel so loved. <3

I also don't think I'll sleep tonight; I need to read my book, since the book report's due in what... 5 days?  Yeah, I've got 200 more pages.  I really need to read.  A.  Lot.

I feel a lot better than I did last night.  That's good! :D

I have nothing else to say.  I'm going to stop posting this.


I Hate My Class.

So, I invited Calli and Shandi to the volleyball game today, and I showed up, and I was the only one out of the three.  I sat by myself on the bleachers, even though there was a student section with a bunch of scary I-don't-know-them people.  It was really weird; it was as if I weren't even there, except for a greeting from the principal and Allison saying "Hey Rebekah" when she walked past me.  I felt extremely out of place, really, and I never want it to happen again.  It made me realize how much I truly hate my class and I cannot wait until college.  All of them bug me in one way or another, and most of them haven't said a word to me since I got back.  Unintentionally, most of the time, but still.  When you see somebody you know, you say "HI."

I'm already picking out colleges, and I can't wait until the summer, because I'm going to fly down to Florida and get a job there.  Then I will reluctantly fly back and spend another dreadful year in school, then return to Florida, and, being 16, I will apply for a job at Disney as a Disney princess.  Then I will fly back again, and repeat the process until senior year.  Then I will rampage through the school, and on the last day I'll tell everyone how I really feel about them, then fly to college and never talk to their wretched souls again.

Half of that will never happen.  But I desperately wish it could.

IN OTHER NEWS.  I got an 80 on my Geometry test.  I cried.

I also got 100 on my Literature test, and 100 on my Vocabulary test.

That's about it actually.  I want to write so much, but I never get around to it.  I'm going to go write now.

That was a pun.






In other news, I have two tests tomorrow, one on Monday, and plenty more to come later in the week.  I'm not complaining, really, I could have a lot more.  Just simply getting it off my chest.

I just finished my second bike ride.  I've been wanting to do one thing constantly through the year, and I decided that it would be riding my bike.  Right now, it's about 2 1/2 miles, but I'll definitely go farther as the days pass and the dew begins to kiss the dawn grass, and the leaves slowly break free from the trees.

I had to do a skit in drama, and it was slightly embarrassing.  I messed up on the proportion of the room;  I thought I would have more room to walk, so I ended up running into the wall and having to curve around the edge of the room.  Awkward.

I also know all the material I need to know for all my tests except Science and Bible(on Monday, so no worries).  I have the feeling I'll do some study cleaning.  Or study conditioning(as in if you get the question wrong you do 20 pushups).  Extremely productive either way.

I need to read my book, but I really, really, really don't want to.  I've "forgotten" it the past few days, because it's simply in a rut right now, and I've gotten into the horrid habit of skipping pages and pages of the story, even chapters.  Then I'm clueless and am forced to go back and read it over once more.  Horridly horrid.  It made me think twice about tackling War and Peace for my second book report.

I want to read, but I absolutely HATE being forced to read if I don't want to.  It's nasty stuff.

Raegan Moore also informed me that Bella turns into a vampire and has a child.  Unintentionally, but now I really don't have any incentive to read it.  She turns into a vampire.  The end.

Writer's Block: The X-Files Birthday

Today in 1993, The X-Files first premiered. What's your favorite episode? Have you ever experienced paranormal activity yourself?
HA!  I remember sitting in the living room with my family watching the X-Files.  What fond memories.  The only two episodes I remember are the one where the guy is in the neighborhood that's perfect, and he stares at a broken mailbox for like, days, and then when he leaves it fixes itself.  I also remember the one where they get stuck in virtual reality and there's this cyber-woman that tries to kill them.  Oh, and the one where everyone turns into green slime.  And one time they were in a sewer or something.

And no, I have never experienced paranormal activity myself.

....I'm bored.

I cannot WAIT until I get a job... somewhere.  I need to start doing things with my life.


I've been looking at colleges.


It's really freaking me out.  It's really early, but dude, I want to know what college I'm going to senior year, and not have to worry about it.

And I want to take a college day in Massachussets. ^-^

DID YOU KNOW that I'm allowed to take a college day once a year for 9th and 10th grade???  It's ossim.


And I'm not allowed to bring my iPod.

Like I'm going to obey half of the rules.

I need new shorts, because my only "school-appropriate" shorts are really old and the butt-area is worn out, and they look weird.




And that's my life.  I stayed up until 5 this morning, then I decided to sleep in until 1.  Oh dear.

Well I woke up at 9, wandered into the living room, and crashed again, only to be awakened by father.  Awkward.


This entry is really random.  I feel exuberantly energetic right now, but I don't want to do anything.  I'll play some video games.


I'm halfway through my book!!!!! :D!!!

I've been skipping a lot, and I really don't feel bad about it.  It's all completely irrelevant to the story, so I feel fine about doing it.  That's what she said.

Besides the point.  I'm going to talk about it now.

Last night I found myself wondering with Karamazov I would marry, and it was only about halfway through the conversation with myself that I realized what I was doing.  I was completely serious at the beginning, as though they were absolutely real.  It was slightly awkward finding myself in that position.  That's what she said.

Too much of The Office.  Sorrry.

Oh, I can't WAIT for September 25th. :D

I'm going to go play Super Mario Something.  I have a feeling it's going to be really hard.




I'm really looking forward to school, and still I'm not.  Oh well.

I slept in today.

I just figured out I need to read 75 pages a day in order to finish my book in time.  That's only 25 away from 100.


Maybe I HAVE gotten over my head here.  Whateva.

I also took down my rainbow of ribbons and all my medals.  It seemed a little rude, but it wasn't just because I quit gymnastics(Dad: Don't say you quit.  Say you left.  I hate the word quit.).  Sorry Dad.

I'm going to paint my room "When the weather cools down and we can open up your window", which means like, November here.

At least I don't live in Florida?  We went swimming in the Gulf of Mexico on December 27th.  We also went shopping in a strip mall, and I wore a tank top and shorts.  It's so nice. :D

I've decided that I will spend August-April in Florida, then move to Chicago for the rest of the year.  That is how I'll spend my life.

I have the desperate urge to just randomly go to Florida.  Just completely out-of-the-blue.  Like,

"Oh hey Rebekah, do you want to go to Florida tomorrow?"

"Sure!  I'll go pack!"


I was about to ask my mom on Friday, but I figured the answer would be no.  *sigh*

I'm defninitely asking to go over Thanksgiving vacation.  Maybe like Saturday-Sunday.  Of the next week.

Then I could cheat and get an extra tan.  Cheaters ALWAYS win.

I really need to go read, and my mom's bugging me about what she should do for dinner(it drives me up a wall when she does that.) so I'm going to go read my novel for my novel report.

I Hate Geography.

I hate my geography coach.

No, I refuse to call him a teacher.  He's nothing of the sort.  He reads the book, writes it on the board, makes us do the section reviews, and then counts 10 points off if you don't get the defenition in the book.  He's also completely bipolar.  He takes the exact same approach to teaching as he does to coaching.  He's either really nice and happy, or yelling at us for being too loud.  He seriously said this yesterday: "I really thought the maturity level would be higher in this class.  Oh well."

He also told us that we should start acting like 9th graders.  I hate to break it to him, but.... we are.

I also hate my seating arrangement.  I'm sitting in front of some really arrogant guy, and he keeps flirting with Alli and Raegan.  I'm sorry, but it's really, really annoying when you hear somebody flirting with somebody else.  It's my ultimate pet peeve.

At least I'm sitting next to Calli.  We're officially geography-buddies.  Shandi's my drama-buddy.  That's that.

I should really start doing my homework.  I'm going to do all my homework on Mother's computer for various reasons:

1. It's faster
2. It has a printer
3. It has a scanner
4. The keyboard isn't broken
5. I hate doing homework in my room
6. I just like her computer more. :D

I'm reading The Brothers Karamazov for my first book report.  I've got 3 weeks to read it, and I'm already on the 2nd book.  I read for 3 hours last night.

It took me 10 minutes just to read the characters list.  I didn't even bother with the 10-page introduction.

I hope Mrs. Downey doesn't think I'm an overachiever or trying to impress her with the books I'm reading since I'm reading Gallileo's Daughter and War and Peace for my other book reports.  I just want to immerse myself in more challenging literature.

Plus Camille's reading Pride and Prejudice and Wuthering Heights.

I would like to justify myself on why I wanted to read Wuthering Heights.  I did find out about it in Twilight, but that's not why I want to read it.  I want to read it because it sounds interesting, and I want to read more old literature as opposed to teen fiction in order to get an educated opinion about more books, and other books will seem less challenging, and when I have to read the Illiad in college, I won't be as overwhelmed if I read War and Peace in 9th grade.  Camille told me "I'm reading Wuthering Heights because Bella read it and it's her favourite book!"


What has the world come to.

I'm actually dreading to read Breaking Dawn now.  I'm afraid that if I read it after I've read The Brothers Karamazov it's going to be completely melodramatic, and sappy, and complete crap of the literary world.  Then I'll tell Camille "OMG I LUVD IT" and be totally contradicting, or rather, straight up lying in her face.

I still want to read Pride and Prejudice, but not for a book report.  I would rather read that in my spare time, as I started to but frankly got so fed up with looking through the dicitonary every couple of sentences that I gave up and read some teen ficiton.  I think I'll read it after my book report(which is due September 19, and I have no doubt in my mind that I'll finish days in advance).  I should still probably go read it.

And, that's all.  I'm going to go read some CLASSIC LITERATURE!!! :D
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