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Uh, yeah, I think I have a cold.  I'm not too enthralled about it.

On the VERY bright side, my dad(bless him to eternity) bought me Twilight at Hastings after he heard me complaining about not having a copy of my own.  I started about noon or 1-ish and I'm already in 300 pages. *sigh*  I forgot how intoxicating that book is.  It's actually kind of disturbing, a few times Edward will say something and I'll just finish Bella's sentence before reading it.  I realized that I'm really glad I didn't have a lot of free time the first time I read it, because you just don't get the full effect when you're shoving it down your throat in a few hours as opposed to days or weeks.  But I really don't care right now, because I HAVE TWILIGHT. <3

I've taken two Benadryl, one a few hours ago(I kind of fell asleep with the book for a few hours because of the sleep-drug) and one about half an hour ago, and I can tell I'm not going to be reading much more tonight.  I'll probably write or something.  I'll finish tomorrow.

Anyways, the reason I got on was to finish the movie-rant.  It turned ot Calli's in Marshal(now I have a completely legit excuse to watch Twilight again) for the weekend, so she couldn't come, and Caitlin never showed up.  Darn it all.  Mandy(Shandi's sister) and Mandy and Shandi's mom came with us too.  The line to get into the room where the movie was was a lot longer than I imagined, of course I imagined prancing in without a line at all.  We got really good seats, and I was practically perfectly happy with mine.  I got kind of miffed about 15 minutes in(this has nothing to do with the movie) because Camille and Shandi were talking through most of it like "THERE'S EDWARD" or "Oh I love this part" or something.  It really didn't bug me that they were talking so much as the fact that I was just as excited as Shandi but Camille was definitely trying to ignore me.  I didn't really talk to her after that, because she's a loser.  Then afterwards I finally had that popcorn stomachache and used that as an excuse not to talk to the thing.  But I felt pretty stinking vampirical, because I was trying really hard to look graceful(to no avail).  Just for fun.

Oh, the movie was fantastical.  It stayed as close to the book as much as possible, I think.  Some stuff they added and some stuff they took out, but the movie is stinking two hours long.  I had to pee before, in the middle, and after, and if it were much longer, I probably would've gotten too restless to pay attention.  And oh, the cast.

The only ugly guys were Charlie and Laurent.  Every single other one was gorgeous.  Well, at least hot.  Robert Pattinson looked pretty darn dazzling to me.  So did Kellan Lutz *faint*.  And JAMES. *dies*  James was amazing(not to mention he never buttoned his jacket through the entire movie).  Sigh.

And re-reading the book is even more spectacular.  It brings back memories of Chicago, too, which makes me happy.  Like ordering pizza from room service and unknowingly going to a bar by myself.  What wonderful memories. :D

If you don't have the Twilight soundtrack, get it.  Now.  It is glorious.  I've been listening to it nonstop since I got it, and I love it so much.  I love all the songs except like, one, and that's really good for me.  I don't even mind the song I don't like, I just always skip it out of habit.  But they're all kind of catchy, like, I got one in my head but I'd barely listened to it, so I only knew like, one part.  That drives me insane.  Anyways.

I was writing last night and when I tried to save it my computer froze.  I was mad.

My nose is all stuffy and things.  It bothers me.  I'm going to go do something.



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Nov. 24th, 2008 11:07 pm (UTC)
My nose is stuffy too. If only I had the icon of the Zelda kid witb the runny nose from Wind Waker.
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